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W60-Outdoor Suitable Wall Mounted Preset Inflator

Short Description:

A reliable, rugged, easy-to-use automatic tire inflator, manufactured to strict CE certification specifications, is designed to inflate tires on cars, trucks, tractors, military vehicles, and aircraft. The automatic tire inflator features convenient tire inflation and deflation.It can measure air pressure and has four measurement units: Kpa, Bar, Psi and kg/cm2. The reading Accuracy is 1 Kpa 0.01 Bar 0.1 Psi/ 0.01kg/cm². This inflator has Bluetooth to choose from. The Bluetooth W60 can connect the inflator to the user’s mobile phone, and operate the inflator on the mobile phone, which is convenient and quick, and realizes the need for long-distance Operation.

Product Detail

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Product Description

●Aluminum painted shell, delicate and durable.

●Automatically detect tire pressure and automatically activate inflation function.

●Over Pressure Setting(OPS) function(OPS). Function that allows the tyre to be inflated to a certain pressure then deflates automatically to a normal operating pressure, used for seating tyres on rims.

●LCD display, blue LED backlight is clear and easy to read.

●Using ceramic sensor, product detection is accurate and durable.

●Metal buttons, long service life.

●With self-calibration and Error reporting function, it is convenient for users to use and adjust.

Product Features


Ceramic sensor for highly accurate, which inflate accurately with hose up to 50 m long.Oil and water resistance high accuracy, long service life


High-definition digital display, large easy to read LCD display with backlight


Standard inflate/ deflate (auto); Connect the tyre to start inflating and deflating automatically and stop automatically when the pressure is reached


Comprehensive diagnostic and error reporting with audible warning


Unit selection: PSI, BAR, KPA, kg/cm2 four units can be selected convenient for customers in different countries to use


Voltage input: ACI1OV -240V/50-60Hz, easy to use for customers in different countries

Product Features (4)

Over Pressure Setting Function for tyre shops; where new tyre are ftting and you need to ensure that the tyre infate to a pressure where the tyre seats properly on the rim then deflate automatically to the required pre-set pressure

Product Features (4)

Robust aluminum die cast housed digital auto infator is simple to use.
Mechanical anti- vandal buttons


Reader Units: Digital Display
Chuck Type: Clip On
Chuck Style: Single Straight
Scale: 0.5-10bar, 7-145psi, 50-1000kpa ,0.5-10kg/cm²
Inlet Size: 1/4"Female
Hose Length: 7.6m PVC&Rubber Hose
Dimensions LxWxH: 273x228x85 mm
Weight: 3.7KGS
Accuracy: ±0.02bar  ±0.3psi ±2kPa ±0.02kg/cm²
Operation: Automatic inflation, Automatic deflating, Over Pressure Setting(OPS)
Supply Pessure Max: 10.5bar ,152psi ,1050kPa ,10.5kg/cm²
Advised Application: Industrial, Workshops, Car Repair Shop, Tire Repair Shops, Car Wash Shops, Etc.
Operation Temperature: -10℃~50℃ (14℉~122℉)
Supply voltage: AC110-240V/50-60Hz
Warranty:: 1 Year
Additional features: Mobile phone APP and remote control can be added
Inflation Volume: 3000L/min@145psi
Package Size: 31x30x22 cm
Outer Box Size: 1
Number Of Packages (Pieces): 90

Standard inflation and deflation function (car). Tire blowout function, if you need to install a new tire, and make sure the tire is inflated to the proper pressure of the placenta on the bead, and then automatically deflated to the desired pre-set pressure. Flat tire; when there is no tire pressure remaining in the tire, the pump will not start automatically and requires manual Operation: to turn it on. Durable. This one is rated IP56, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors.


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