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Digital Thread Depth Gauge

  • DT311-Digital Thread Depth Gauge

    DT311-Digital Thread Depth Gauge

    Digital Thread Depth Gauge. One of the standout features of this tool is the ability to make zero adjustments. This means you can easily calibrate the meter to your specific needs and be assured of accurate measurements every time. Plus, the clear, easy-to-read LCD display makes it easy to get accurate readings quickly. Another great feature of this product is its low battery indicator. When the battery is low, the screen will flash to indicate it’s time to replace the battery, ensuring you never miss an important measurement. The Digital Thread Depth Gauge is available in both inches and millimeters, making it versatile enough to meet any measurement need. With a metric range of 0-25.4 mm and an imperial range of 0-1 inch, this tool is perfect for any size job. The gauge features an impressive 0.01mm/0.004in resolution for incredibly precise measurements. This feature is especially important for those who need to accurately measure small precision parts.