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W91 Automatic Tire Inflflator

  • W91-Automatic Tire Inflator

    W91-Automatic Tire Inflator

    The reliable and powerful solution for all your tire inflation needs. This tire inflator features a solid ABS casing that is built to last, ensuring you are getting a quality product you can trust. The Automatic Digital Tire Inflator boasts an impressive 1 kPa / 0.01BAR / 0.1psi / 0.1KGF reading accuracy. Each inflator is individually calibrated to ensure you get the most accurate reading possible. Equipped with 2 programmable pressures and 4 measurement units Kpa, Bar, Psi and kg/cm2. the Automatic Digital Tire Inflator is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of applications. The OPS function, LCD screen, backlight and sound signal provide you with ease of use and convenience to inflate your tires quickly and easily. Also has many other useful features, such as an automatic shutoff to make sure you don’t over-inflate, and a manual override for when you need to fine-tune your tires. In addition, the product is lightweight and compact for easy storage and transportation.