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H70-Rotated Gauge Handheld Digital Display Inflator

Short Description:

Accufill Handheld Digital Display Inflator designed to exceed expectations with its combination of advanced features and unmatched performance. With its die cast aluminum body and all copper joints, this inflator is both safe and durable, ensuring long-lasting use. Its high-definition Digital Display boasts a large, easy-to-read LCD display with backlight, allowing for clear and accurate readings in any lighting condition.

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Product Description

Lightweight, fashionable, and portable design.

Use two AAA batteries, simplifying battery installation.

Low Battery Warning: This function flashes the battery grid to alert the user that it's time to replace the battery.

The display head can be rotated 360 degrees and can be operated with either the left or right hand; one-button operation is simple and quick.

Pressure-sensitive automatic power-on; the device is attached to the tire; pressure-sensing automatic power-on; no activity for 90 seconds; automatic power-off.

A clear and easy-to-read LCD screen with a blue LED backlight.

A variety of psi, BAR, and kPa units are available, making it convenient for customers from various nations.

The standard configuration includes an AC107 chuck, which is easy to connect but not easy to loosen. There are also a variety of chuck styles to choose from.

It can be widely used in tire inflation for motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, tractors, and military vehicles. Applicable to car service shops, auto repair shops, tire repair shops, auto beauty shops, etc.

Product Features


Lightweight and robust design:
Nylon mainbody, ergonomic portable model


Display head can be rotated 360°


High-definition digital display Large easy to read LCD display with backlight

Product Features (4)

One button operation with pressed operating lever. Full press grip to inflate, half-way press to deflate, no press to measure pressure


LOW battery warning sign to remind user to replace the battery timely

Product Features (3)

Auto ON
upon air pressure sensing


AAA battery powered design
simplifed battery installation


LOW battery warning sign to remind user to replace the battery timely


Reader Units:: Digital Display
Chuck Type: Clip On/Hold On
Chuck Style: Single Straight/Dual Angle
Scale: 0.5-12bar, 7-174psi ,50-1200kPa, 0.5-12kgf
Inlet Size: 1/4"Female
Hose Length: 0.35m PVC&Rubber Hose (Nylon braided, Stainless steel braided hose for optional  )
Dimensions LxWxH: 288x96x39 mm
Weight: 0.4KG
Accuracy: ±1psi  according DIN EN 12645:2015
Operation: Inflate, deflate, and measure tire pressure
Supply Pessure Max: 15bar, 218psi, 1500kPa 15Kgf
Advised Application: Industrial, Workshops, Car Repair Shop, Tire Repair Shops, Car Wash Shops, Etc.
Battery: AAA
Warranty 1 Year
Inflation Volume: 500L/min@174psi
Package Size: 34X14X4.8 cm
Outer Box Size: 58X36X27 cm
Number Of Packages (Pieces): 20

With an accuracy that reaches EU EEC/86/217 standard, ou rDigital Display inflator is the perfect tool for tire inflation on a vast range of vehicles - from motorcycles and cars to trucks, tractors, and even military vehicles. Best of all, it's applicable to a wide spectrum of car service shops, auto repair shops, tire repair shops, and auto beauty shops, making it an indispensable tool for any auto enthusiast.

This inflator boasts an auto ON feature, which activates upon air pressure sensing, making sure you have air exactly when you need it. Additionally, the low battery warning sign is here to remind users to replace the battery in time, ensuring the device is always up and running when you need it the most.

For those concerned about impact resistance, we've got you covered with our rubber sleeve protector, assuring long-lasting performance in rugged environments. The one button operation with pressed operating lever means that inflating, deflating, and measuring pressure has never been easier. The AAA battery powered design simplifies battery installation, keeping your device powered up with minimal effort.

Product Features (4)

3 in1 click button model: Inflate, deflate and pressure measuring

Product Features (2)

±1 PSI accuracy
DIN EN 12645:2015

Product Features (3)

Auto ON, upon air pressure sensing 90 seconds auto off

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