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H33-One-handed Operated Handheld Dial Tire Inflator

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Features a TPR coating, making it comfortable to hold and easy to grip. The design is ergonomically friendly, ensuring that you can use the inflator for extended periods without experiencing any discomfort.In addition, this tire inflator is non-slip, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about it slipping out of your hands while in use. A standout feature of our tire inflator is its three-in-one control valve, which allows you to Inflate, deflate, and measure tire pressure quickly and efficiently. This feature makes it an excellent tool for any car owner, allowing you to maintain healthy tire pressure levels with ease.With a wear-resistant and durable PVC and rubber hose, making it resistant to bending and wear.

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It has a TPR coating and is comfortable to hold; the design conforms to ergonomics; it is non-slip; it is made of a tough die-cast aluminum body; and it is highly durable.

One-handed inflation can be operated with one hand. Even people with no experience can use it quickly.

Clear and easy to read, with two units of psi and bar.

Accuracy: reaches the EU EEC/86/217 standard.

A three-in-one control valve, which can be used to Inflate, deflate, and measure tire pressure.

The PVC and rubber hose are more wear-resistant, resistant to bending, and durable. The material is environmentally friendly and has excellent airtightness.

All copper connectors are strong and durable.

The chucks are easy to connect and not easy to loosen, and there are a variety of chuck styles to choose from.

It can be widely used for tire inflation on motorcycles, cars, trucks, tractors, military vehicles, etc. applicable to car service shops, auto repair shops, tire repair shops, auto beauty shops, etc.

Product Features

Product Features (4)

Die cast aluminum body all copper joints, safe and durable

Product Features (1)

Copper joints, safe and durable

Product Features (5)

Two unit pressure gauge
PSI and Bar

Product Features (4)

One button operation with pressed operating lever. Full press grip to inflate, half-way press to deflate, no press t0 measure pressure

Product Features (6)

Rubber sleeve impact resistance
protector on mainbody

Product Features (3)

80 mm dial gauge, accurate reading of tire pressure, assisting with TPMS


Reader Units Dial Display
Chuck Type: Clip On/Hold On
Chuck Style: Single Straight/Dual Angle
Scale: 0.5-12bar 7-174psi
Inlet Size: 1/4"Female
Hose Length: 0.53M (21”) PVC and rubber hose (Nylon braided, Stainless steel braided hose is optional)
Dimensions LxWxH: 263x122x96 mm
Weight: 1kg
Accuracy: ±2psi
Operation: Inflate, deflate, and measure tire pressure
Supply Pessure Max: 15bar, 218psi, 1500kPa 15Kgf
Advised Application: Industrial, Workshops, Car Repair Shop, Tire Repair Shops, Car Wash Shops, Etc.
Inflation Volume: 900L/min@174psi
Warranty: 1 Year
Package Size: 29x14x10 cm
Outer Box Size: 61x31x56 cm
Number Of Packages (Pieces): 20

The Handheld Dial Tire Inflator features a clear and easy-to-read display that comes with two units of measurement, psi, and bar. Its accuracy reaches the EU EEC/86/217 standard, ensuring that you get reliable readings every time you use it. The product is made of tough die-cast aluminum, which ensures that it is highly durable and can withstand the rigors of everyday use.


The H33-Handheld Dial Tire Inflator is a compact and portable device designed to inflate tires quickly and efficiently. This tire inflator is the perfect tool for individuals who need to inflate their tires on the go and want a simple, manual solution.The H33-Handheld Dial Tire Inflator features a user-friendly design with a handheld dial that allows you to easily control the inflation process. The dial is easy to operate and allows for precise pressure adjustments, ensuring that your tires are inflated to the recommended levels.With the H33-Handheld Dial Tire Inflator, you can easily monitor the tire pressure as you inflate. It is equipped with a clear and easy-to-read pressure gauge that allows you to see the current pressure levels. This ensures that you can inflate your tires to the desired pressure and avoid over or under inflation.One of the key features of the H33-Handheld Dial Tire Inflator is its portability. It is designed to be lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry and store. This means that you can conveniently take it with you on road trips or keep it in your car for emergencies.The H33-Handheld Dial Tire Inflator is also compatible with a variety of tire sizes and valves. It comes with multiple nozzle attachments to fit different valve types, ensuring that you can easily connect it to your tires. This versatility makes it suitable for use with cars, bicycles, motorcycles, and even sports equipment.Safety is a priority when it comes to tire inflation, and the H33-Handheld Dial Tire Inflator has safety features in place to protect both the user and the device. It has a built-in pressure relief valve that prevents over-inflation and a sturdy construction for durability.In summary, the H33-Handheld Dial Tire Inflator is a reliable and convenient tool for inflating tires on the go. Its user-friendly design, clear pressure gauge, and portability make it a fantastic option for individuals who prefer a manual and simple approach to tire inflation. Keep this compact device handy in your car or backpack and never worry about flat tires again.

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